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  1. Thanks all! You've go me thinking and ready to go.... adult leaders are to meet soon and the kids are indoor rock climbing this week... off we go and I'll keep you posted!
  2. I am the advisor for a 6 year old crew that has been very successful in the past, but with the loss of key older youth and the lack of effort and attendance from this year's officers, our crew is struggling, down to 4-5 active members. I also have not been the most effective advisor lately, but we have new adult assistant advisors who have energized the adult leadership and are really excited to assist! Any suggestions on how to "jump start" a crew in mid year? Needs would be to add membership, replace officers who are not attending just give our unit a shot in the arm Sugge
  3. I'm the COR for our troop. Our troop committee just met, with a number of Scouters & parents taking on various new offices, including a new Scoutmaster. The meeting was very productive and the troops first meeting of the new school year is in two weeks. I mentioned while we have ceremonies for the troop, an investiture ceremony for our new Scouters (and those in new positions ) would be appropriate. The leaders agreed & I am to set one up. I've looked at some on the web, but still need a ceremony.... any suggestions? Steve in SC
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am interested in presenting to my officers the idea of working on the Bronze Outdoor as a lead up to our 2010 Philmont Trek- we are trying to set our typical monthly schedule as 1)officers meeting 2)instructional meeting 3)fun meeting 4)monthly high adventure event Any suggestions or comments?
  5. I am interested in presenting to my officers the idea of working on the Bronze Outdoor as a lead up to our 2010 Philmont Trek- we are trying to set our typical monthly schedule as 1)officers meeting 2)instructional meeting 3)fun meeting 4)monthly high adventure event Any suggestions or comments?
  6. My Venturing Crew will be traveling to Philmont by plane from SC for a trek in June of 2010. This will be Philmont trek #2 for my son (I'm a newbie) who went last year - that crew drove, I cannot take that much time off. I would like to take a day or two after we get off the plane to acclimate and to not be so rushed from the plane to check in at Philmont.... Any suggestions on a travel service to help with flights and bus service, etc... especially from airport to Philmont? Also any suggestions for any activities we might participate during that time? we have not set where we are
  7. Our Scout leaders and sponsoring church have decided to have an EOY Scout Day/ campfire to celebrate the past year...this is open to the public and to give back to our CO. We are thinking of our Crew running field games for the pack, maybe a catapult competition for the troop... with supper cooked by the Scout leaders for all later in the day followed by a campfire / ceremony at the bottom of the hill back of our Family life center. Ideas we have for ceremony are songs, skits, advancement, thanks yous and a flag retirement ceremony...this would be the final pack meeting before summer FYI...
  8. Bob- Thanks for the response. I am aware of the prefered leadership tree, but even with lots of effort, help from other leaders, lunch one-on-ones with parents, I am unable to get adult leadership commitment as you rightly suggest. The reasons are classic- " I'll help as long as my son is in the program..." " Times are tough- I need to scale back on my time with Scouts..." "Don't you think I'm more valuble as a den leader/ lower level leader than as a higher level leader?" "I'm burned out and need a break.." We have a bout 60 youth with about 20 leaders- our church gr
  9. I am the advisor for a 4 year old and very active crew. I also serve as the Charter rep for our pack and troop & serve on the troop committee, helping with Courts of Honor. My problem is that I have about 5-6 Boy Scouts (ages 13-14), some who have earned their Eagle who would like to join the crew as they feel that they have out grown the troop parents, some who are leaders, would like to move to the crew as well This in itself is no problem (my own son completed his Eagle as a part of the crew) but I want to see the troop continue to have senior scout leadership - I also do n
  10. Thanks for all the comments- some good ideas I can use! As far as the word "graduate"-no particular intended meaning- we had only the 2nd Eagle COH in our building -the two scouts earned the rank properly... As far as leaders? EO & COR Pack- CM, ACM, 8-9 DL & ADL, CC & 3 MC Troop- SM, 2 ASM, 4 MC Crew- A, CC/AA & 4 MC With overlap in leadership around 25 or so- I apologize in advance for getting the abbreviations wrong.
  11. Hello- I am the Charter Rep and Crew Advisor at our church which has over 60-70 youth in our program. As a former Cubmaster which restarted the Pack 8 years ago, we have seen the pack grow to a consistent membership of over 35 boys, the troop re-charter, graduating two Eagle Scouts this week, and I have one of the more active crews in the district. The units are healthy and active. We just finished a work day to spruce up around our nice scout lodge (which was completed donated by a church member) a day which had outstanding participation by parents of all the units. We have over 25
  12. Thanks to all for the replies and good info!! Steve Hendrix
  13. My Venture crew will travel to MHA this coming summer- does anyone have any suggestions or past experiances? I am looking for a way to travel from Bangor airport to the base & back after the trek- also a place to stay the night before we set off from MHA- anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
  14. Hey all- I am the crew advisor for a high adventure based crew with many new members. Ne w & present membership includes hiking & camping experiance of all levels- never had a back pack to eagle scouts. To help the teens who have little experiance, the officers and I are planning a Camping 101 night at our next meeting (a local equipment outfitter opened their doors for us after hours last week and did a great job updating us on packs, bags and clothing) Besides going over other basics (BTW -our first overnighter will be a drive in event helping with a council Cub Scout weeke
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