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Using tech to run a unit

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I know that we all like to meet face to face to discuss things. But it seems like, for a long time now, that people find it more convenient to meet via the internet.


I was wondering if there was anyone out there that has moved leader meetings, committee meetings, etc. to something like Skype, Yahoo! Voice Chat, or one of the other mediums. It seems like a lot of times decisions and discussions happen over e-mail or a phone call anyway. I'm wondering if our unit would get more participation (we don't hold leader meetings and committee meetings are sparsely attended), if we went toward an internet solution rather than gnashing teeth over low in person participation.

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I was involved in a troop where the Troop Committee Chair didn't hold meetings because he said no one was interested. After he quit and we appointed a new Committee Chair, we had regular monthly meeting which were reasonably well attended, including by the former committee chair.


I've spent the past 3 1/2 years rebuilding a pack that was down to a single boy. We've had regularly scheduled Pack Committee meeting and every one has been at least reasonably well attended.


April 30th our pack committee meeting was aimed at welcoming new parents recruited at our April 2nd recruiting night. Every new parent attended and had an experience in meeting other parents and understanding how pack activities were organized and run.


On May 10th I'm making a presentation at our Cub Scout Roundtable on how to have effective unit Committee meetings. I think there are some general guidelines in how to make that happen that are easily understood and followed for those interested in doing so.

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You will always have a couple of guys that raise a stink about not having a computer, never willl......



Then you run into having something that is up to date....reasonably compatible......



Troop committee only 3 of 7 have computers in our homes......Troop committee 2 do not.....



We haven't even discussed distractions......So you have a committee meeting on skype....how long before someone is eating pizza, or watching the game or TV....



Happens all the time at work.....We skype all the time at work and I know find it difficult focus on that.

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Nor our unit, but or council Venturing district is trying to teleconference as much as possible. Attendance has not increased, but some of save gas and have more time to write in these forums. ;)

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Yes, I suppose if we start using all that stuff that it really becomes like work. I know that one of the things I like about meetings and trainings is that I get to be with adults that aren't necessarily looking for me to get on some work task.


I'm just a DL right now but our Pack just doesn't seem to be clicking along like it should. I was talking to my CC last night about some our issues. I have been paying attention to what SP has said about integrating new parents and having a good introduction. I hope to bring some of his ideas up in our planning meeting. We have parents that want to help but we as a pack, and I think I as a den leader haven't been doing a good job getting everyone socially involved.


I think maybe we skipped some of the basic steps.

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