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Has anyone had any success editing the contact information for beascout.org? I can get to the admin page on myScouting, but the only thing I'm able to edit is the other information field. The contact information is stuck with the Council's phone number etc.


I looked around and I can't find any other pack in our area that has updated their contact info, so just for fun I ran a query using my old address in another council (small gripe, you have to put in a full address, rather than just zip code to do a search) and all the listings there had council info for contacts.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it sure looks like either a widespread problem, or like nobody knows or cares about this facility. Anybody had any luck with it?





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By default only the unit leader (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster) or Committee Chair can edit unit information. What position are you registered with? This list was populated with default information, as you've found out, but it's up to the individual units to customize it. Our cubmaster was able to update the meeting location, added her name and e-mail to the contact list, and our website.


My understanding is someone at your council office (our DE was able to do it for a unit) can change who can edit this information for you.(This message has been edited by kmorgan221)

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You need to think like a programmer at National...very counter-intuitively. As usual, the interface is lacking in clarity.


You need to go to the bottom and click on the "Contact Person" check box. This will un-check the "Council information" check box and you'll then be able to update the fields on top. Checking and un-checking the boxes at the bottom will cause different things to be displayed on your google pin on the map.


Luckily, the preview box on the lower right works well..keep playing with things until you like what you see.



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