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Well, it's hard to say: People who like leopard skins think everybody shouldm have a touch of leopard look toi their outfits...so everybody has a bit of bias.


As far as sites go...well, you don't want to be just like everybody elses - that would defeat the purpose - but how about your council logop and pack number as part of the background at the top border of your page? Maybe a phot of some of your boys doing something? You know...if a parent was looking at your site and their kid just happened to look over their shoulder and seeing some of your scouts ( or generic scout photo) doing something fun..that might make that kid want to try out scouting.


Other than that..everything looks great! It's all a matter of personal preference..so if You like it...that's all that matters!

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Thanks for the suggestion, I have added the CSP and #, I am going to wait until August to start putting pics of kids on. I want to have the parents sign a release form before I do. Until then, I do not want to just put pics of my kids up. But I did use some of the BSA marketing pics for now. Great suggestions, thank you. I look forward to hearing more from others.

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