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Green Bar Bill Pack

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Does anyone have a picture of the Green Bar Bill Pack (either one that someone has made, or a scan of the picture from the books)


I've been trying to find a picture for a while to see if this is something we would like to make.





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I added the plans from the PL handbook with a mention that materials have changed since then. See:




Maybe someone with experience with modern materials could revise the text for us:


Decide on the kind of material you want to use. When this pack was designed, a heavy waterproof duck was considered the best, but consider modern heavy duty nylon materials.


In addition to 96" of 34-inch wide 12 oz. duck or canvas (or other material), you will need 4 boxes of No. 9 split copper rivets, 24 1-inch D-rings, 36" of 2-inch webbing, 66" of 1-inch webbing, 14' of mason line.


Lay out the pattern on your material as suggested in the working drawing. If your material is of another width than the width shown, it pays to make up a paper pattern first, then lay it out on the cloth in the most economical way.


Cut out the pieces, then put them together, as shown in diagram, with the copper rivets. Make the body of the pack over a wooden box, 18"x16"x6". Turn inside out. Attach the flaps as shown. When the pack itself is completed, rivet on the straps in the manner indicated on the diagram.


I included a URL for AddAll where you can find copies of William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt's Handbook for Patrol Leaders for a couple of dollars. Every Troop that uses the Patrol Method outdoors should have at least one pre-1972 copy in their library to supplement the current indoor edition :)





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