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Starting a Venture Patrol

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I am a scout who wants to start doing some more adventurous activities. Some Scoutmasters and I have decided that a Venture Patrol would be the best way to do this. I still want the Venture Patrol to be an integral part of the troop, but have some of their own activities. Does anyone know how to start a Venture Patrol?

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A Venture Patrol is part of your BSA Boy Scout Troop program. It is simply a different patrol in the Troop, doing different things.


It is NOT a Venturing unit (Crew / Ship) that requires a charter from a chartering organization.


I am suprised your Scoutmasters did not know this. Your PLC should get together with your SM and figure out how they want the patrol set up. Many Troops have a rolling/temporary patrol membership depending on the activity the Venture patrol is doing, or planning for.



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Building off of what ScoutNut said.


The BSHB, SMHB, and such has basic information on the Venture Patrol.


The patrol is just a group of older boys (13 and up) who can do their own activities separate from the troop.


Your troop needs to decide which of the 2 ways it will run the patrol:


1. as another patrol along side the New Boy Patrol and other patrols.


2. as a patrol which only exists to plan and carry out Venture Patrol activies. For all other troop activities, the boys remain in their regular patrols (for in-patrol activities, troop activities, etc). Ideally, a Venture Patrol activities will last over a 3 month period for planning, preparationa, and then execution of the Venture Patrol activity (trip, etc). After this the cycle will restart with a new activity. For each cycle, the membership of the patrol can change (some boys may decide to opt-out of that activity), a new PL will be decided, etc.


These 'venture patrol activities' can be high-adventure or sports. Such as:


* a trip to a national high adventure base like Philmont, Northern Tier, or Florida Sea Base or trip to a high adventure program in your council or another council.


* a high adventure trip such as hiking a National Scenic Trail.


* participate in a bowling league




There is a series of 3 books with info on canned programs for Varsity Scout Teams & Venture Patrols that can help.


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