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Advisor Award of Merit for a Skipper?

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Apparently we read sailingpj's post differently. He said:

"...the only time I have ever seen a Skipper act like a CO is when we are on the boat and under way, and that is only because the crew is very new and they don't know night navigation...."

I think his point is that were they more experienced (like many of the other ships in his area, and like so many around the country) the youth would be more in charge, and the Skipper would only step in as an issue of safety.  In many ways this is no different than a Boy Scout troop.  The SPL is in charge and the SM should only step in when there is an issue of safety.  In sailingpj's case (see his post in "New to the Forum"), he is working to rebuild his unit and recruit new members as the older scouts have all aged out and everyone is quite wet behind the gills. 

Again, I am sorry to hear that the skippers in your area (wherever that is) are less likely to train and trust the Sea Scouts to preform their duties.  That is not the intent of the program, and based on what I have seen on both coasts over the past 25 years, the adult run program you describe is not the norm.

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Buffalo Skipper


I think I understood pj's post just fine, as he stated the "skipper must act like a CO because it is required under maritime law." It is like an adult letting a 14 year old drive a car without supervision, you are just asking for trouble, and I am sure the same goes in sea scouts and some of the larger power boats they use.

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Buffalo Skipper picked up on half the point I was trying to make, you got the other half. The skipper does have a responsibility to the boat,and all the people on it, and that leads to him having to step up and make sure that things happen the right way sometimes. As the crew learns, he steps back and lets us get done what needs to get done.

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