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DE just for Venturing?

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My council originally had a Venturing / Exploring/LFL executive that did all of the older teen programs.


We had a council wide district for it, and had a monthly Teen Leaders' Council meeting. When the program was new, we had a lot of youth involved, and adult support - we ran it all months except for July and August - had a district kick-off and everything. It was very youth run.


Now since we absorbed the Crews into the traditional districts. We don't know what to do with them. We still have the monthly TLC meeting, but district to district, the program is suffering.


In my district we are putting together an adult only roundtable component to exist at our current Roundtable that addresses key needs of the program and to offer support. We still don't have a council-wide Venturing committee, and I think we are suffering because of that. So a core five adults are going to take turns running and staffing the Roundtable and use themes and everything. We are losing the units that we do have, so maybe the support will help.


Message me if you want to talk more. I'd be happy to help, I'm a former council Venturing President.

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Our council has a DE who is the staff partner to the Council Venturing Committee and the Teen Leader's Council. His job is to help the program flow. However, the crews in the districts are the responsibility of their own DE's, like the packs and troops.


However, we keep LFL in its own group with two DE's just assigned to that.



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