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Eagle Advancement while in a crew

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Some members of my 2 year old crew (I am the past committee chair and now the advisor) are interested in working on the Ranger Award- then possibly the Bronze Outdoor. I have one crew member who is a Star Scout and is not active in a troop. He would like to continue his work toward Eagle as a crew member, but work in a manner that keeps him involved with his friends in the crew, some with Scouting experience (Boy & Girl Scouts), some friends with no scouting background at all.


I need suggestions on creating advancement opportunities that would serve both tracks could common requirements suffice for both awards/ count towards both? Any tips on creating activities that would help with both lines of advancements?


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" interested in working on the Ranger Award- then possibly the Bronze Outdoor."


Actually, you have that backwards. The Outdoor Bronze is actually half of Ranger. While working toward Ranger, they will in fact earn the Outdoor Bronze.


Yes, Venturers can use the stuff they do for Outdoor Bronze to count toward merit badges and Eagle. There are rules about double credit and what is/is not allowed.


You might want to get a copy of the Advancement Requirements book, that can help. Your Star Scout can earn Life & Eagle in the Crew. Its quite do able.


I think that what you propose to do is a good idea, I have not heard of anyone putting together any kind of match between Boy Scout requirements & Ranger/B/G/S requirements. So you might be breaking new ground.


I do have a word of caution. Be sure that your Venturers are in agree with this. A big difference between Venturing & Boy Scouting is that while a troop program is expected to be geared around advancement, a crew program isn't. IF the Venturers want to do so, that's fine. They need to decide to what level will the crew organize itself around working on these awards. All of the the time, some or little. This can avoid issues in the crew.


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Thanks for the clarification on the Bronze/ Ranger Award - you are correct- and I totally agree that the crew and its officers should sign off on the crews advancement desires - I am sure we will have some crew members who are not interested any advancement at all, but will still participate in activities when their busy school schedule allows, and will bring enthusiasm and talents to the crew in their own way.

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My take on the Ranger Award and other Venturing Awards is:

You can't count past activities toward Venturing Advancements.

If you did the hiking MB as a Boy Scout, you would have to redo it as a Venturer or Sea Scout.

But work you do as a Venturer or Sea Scout can count toward any needed MB's.


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