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Utensiless Cooking - Bronze Award

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If you have the crew member run a Google search

On Backwoods Cooking, I think he or she will find lots of good sites and ideas.


Does a good job of covering the basics, with some ideas with cabbage leaves I hadn't seen or thought about.

I don't have a Venturing Handbook with me but there maybe something in there as well?


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Don't know of any websites, but would think the website listing in the Ranger Handbook &/or the Field Book would help.


The book "Roughing it Easy" should give you a lot of ideas. I used the original editions as a scout. (the author was a mother who got involved in scouting and really got into the subject). There is a new edition that came out a couple of years ago.


Some ideas (which I recall from my days as a boy scout. Source for this was RIE, BS Fieldbook, Cooking MB booklet, etc):


* tin foil cooking

* using orange, onion, etc to cook (hollow out, fill with stuff, put on coals)

* paper bag (strips of bacon on bottom, crack egg on top, suspend over coals)

* bread wrapped around sticks over coals.


My troop did this as our scout shop exhibit.


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Mr emb021,


I am going to respectfully disagree. URL lists are notorious for their rapid aging. That goes for online lists (pick your hobby, pick a website, I'll bet you a buck there is at least one dead link).


Printed lists are worse, believe me.


Now, if the Fieldbook people are willing to maintain a better linklist on the Fieldbook website...

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I checked out the backwoodsman website you recommended and will pass that on. That offers a lot of ideas. We had heard of some, such as cooking in the orange or onion, but were wondering if there were some ideas we hadn't heard of (and there are!).


Thanks for the help.

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Have to admit that I find some of the Venturing requirements a little strange.

Seems that one day we are going on about leave no trace and the next we are building shelters using stuff we shouldn't be using if we follow leave no trace.

Backwoods cooking is or can be a lot of fun, but looking at the web sites it seems that only Boy Scouts practice this and it's becoming a lost art.

Maybe it's just me bit it does seem odd?


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cracking an egg into a hollowed out potatoe, replacing the top of the potatoe and slowly baking it is pretty tasty for breaky.


Damper twists are good. Bread mix wrapped on a stick and slow cooked over coals. Fill the hole where the stick was with syrup or jam.




roasted nuts on a flat rock next to the fire...


didn't someone here routinely use a flat rock to cook on a few years ago?

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