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eagle scouts as repository for leadership experience.

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i have had some success,in asking questions of my district executive,whom is retired military and a former teacher,of applying specifically tailored questions to supplement conventional wisdom in getting back into Scouting as a volunteer from having been away from it for a long time.

my sidtrict executive had stated how he would have had no idea of how to cull leadership potentials from Eagle Scouts.but if i appraached this more like people(Eagle Scouts,for example)being officers in a Sole Proprietorship,then I can value what others do in a meaningful and tangible way.not unlike watching a chef prepare a meal,and wanting to see him or her having an amount of food in a pan you can visually relate to ;so you have an idea what that person is "actually" doing/performing some task.seems when i come upon sites where "Eagle" scouts discuss their accomplishments in Scouts in totality if their whole lives,you get seemingly similar value statements to each Scout's presentation.is that making sense,in any way or fashion? i am also new to being involved at the troop level.the troop i was to go to is dying,and no one showed up on time last week when i made a point to show up and see what it was like.the scoutmaster left the troop with his son to join another troop.my district executive guessed maybe that i could be the one person to turn it around,heavy on the "maybe".any advice? see portion of my remarks on "tent assignment" posting reply of Eagle Scout photo albums being codified by National Office as projects,and possibly a visual aid leadership tool which could be highly successful.that would be my specific contribution,to troop motivations;only one fellow's opinion which can be substantiated.thank you.

see my reply to "tent assignment" for Scouts.

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