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  1. i have had some success,in asking questions of my district executive,whom is retired military and a former teacher,of applying specifically tailored questions to supplement conventional wisdom in getting back into Scouting as a volunteer from having been away from it for a long time. my sidtrict executive had stated how he would have had no idea of how to cull leadership potentials from Eagle Scouts.but if i appraached this more like people(Eagle Scouts,for example)being officers in a Sole Proprietorship,then I can value what others do in a meaningful and tangible way.not unlike watching a c
  2. can i paraphrase what i think i am hearing? because of some bad experiences i had in scouts when i was young,i dove in head first in volunteering at district and council level,to see if paradigm i grew up with was still appropriate for patrols and troops.would it be fair to say,with the "safey" concern for youth today,in our global environment;that "US" based Scouting prefers adults to be silent and let kids direct the action? I have some criticisms of that method of leadership, having come from municipal job and Guards structure,where initiative has been mostly rewarded. 1)what i am c
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