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Venturing Honor Societies

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In my research a while back I noticed that on Sea Scout site there was a article titled Venturing Honor Societies I noticed too that there were 3 entries on this one was a suggestion written in 1995 by a group of Sea Explorers(95) now Sea Scouts it was for an Order of the Trident, this is OA like but it has some different ideas, the other is The Corps Of Discovery somewhat like the Lewis and Clark idea and a crew could adjust as it likes for it's own use. The other is a Member of the Year idea and this would be where a Venturer would be selected from his/her crew or ship and serve in that position for a year and could be re-elected for a second year. Now all these are noble ideas. I believe that if Venturing were to get a seperate honor society, it has to go according to the Venturing Code and Oath. it has to be open to Venturers from all clusters and specialties, and should be open according to tenure, 50% of crew votes and 75% active participation in crew or ship activities. The

People interested in this type in Venturing Honor Societies it will take you to the web site for this. also on Sea Scout Ship 90's website there is information concerning this.


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