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Further information on Rovering as a Venturing Specialty

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This thread was spun from another thread.there is a Venturing Crew in Three Fires Council BSA that uses the

Rovering Program as a specialty, the crew is Venturing Crew 1 also known as Dan Beard Rover Crew, on WWW.cedu.niu.edu/scied/db_rew/DBRC_usa.html this is web address for this Rover Crew also a Venturing Crew. There is also a B-P Crew and the Kudu Crew in Kentucky along with the Queen City Crew in Buffalo,NY these are all on a Canadian Rover Register, the B-P crew organizes Wee Moot in Glascow, Kentucky USA every 2 years Canadian Rovering crews are more supportive to these units than US Crews are. there is also an independent Rover Scouting Association in the USA

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