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staffing the district

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" The attitude is that if you specificaly seek out or make it clear you want a particular job, that that means you are automatically unqualified for the position and should not be given it. "


Well the solution to this issue is obvious. Simply volunteer for any position EXCEPT the one you want. Make is absolutely clear you are completely unqualified for that position. The simple laws of organizational bureaucracy will ensure that would be the only position made available to you. :)




One other source may be professional associations related to environmental professions. These professions have a vested interest in promoting their professions to young people who may have an interest in the enviroment and the outdoors and assisting like minded organizations.



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"While I enjoy helping my main focus is the Troop. When looking for volunteers leave the SMS and ASM alone. Running a troop takes only 1 hour a week , right? Go to trhe Troop meetings and talk to the parents lining the room for volunteers. "


Good advise, but which I seldom see followed.


Personally I feel that those who are unit volunteers, especially key unit volunteers, should focus their time on their units. Instead, when looking for district/council volunteers, look for people who either don't have the time to be unit leaders (yes, they exist), or who want to move on from being unit leaders (ie, they want to pass on their position to others).


But in my experience, the PTB too often look only at those still currently unit volunteers and ignore the others...


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