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campfire blanket

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my junior girl scouts is earning the world guiding badge from england. we was starting tonite and the girls had a couple of questions.


1. what is a campfire blanket and how do we start one. i told the girls i would try and have an answer by next thursday. thanks


2. what is the world badge and world flag. and what each part means and stands for.


3. what is a friendship badge.


any help with any of these would be greatly appreataated.



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Here is a site that explains what a campfire blanket is and has some nice pictures:




They are basicly blankets used to display badges and assorted stuff and usually worn as a poncho.


Explaination of the World Badge & World Flag with pictures:




As far as I can tell, Friendship Badges are badges from different country's Guiding programs. They are either given as gifts to scouts from other countries or are earned by learning about the country and/or its Scout/Guide program.


Hope this helps!

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