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  1. my junior girl scouts is earning the world guiding badge from england. we was starting tonite and the girls had a couple of questions. 1. what is a campfire blanket and how do we start one. i told the girls i would try and have an answer by next thursday. thanks 2. what is the world badge and world flag. and what each part means and stands for. 3. what is a friendship badge. any help with any of these would be greatly appreataated. thanks louise
  2. hi, im louise (wezzycheesy) my troop gave me that name some 10 years ago when my daughter was a cadette/senior. i've been in girl scouting for 20 years now. i'm a grandma to 5 great kids, three girls and two boys. i live with my daughter and one granddaughter, who is in her third year brownies. getting ready to fly up into juniors. i live in cortland, ny and have a brownie troop and we're getting our travel mascot ready for her first trip. i do have a question, i had a pattern for a beaded bandana with pony beads amd conchos, i've missed placed it. i think that guide zone might h
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