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Hey, I'm a lodge chief wonderin what kind of special programs'll help to get quality lodge. I don't think our lodge has got it since 97 or something like that. I'm ready to work, and just want to know what things your lodge does GREAT that would assist in the quality lodge program. Thanx guys,


Yours in the Wimachtendienk,

Sam Fife of Shunkah Mahneetu

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Hey, I have gotten a few Ideas from when I was last a lodge chief, and I have been thinking on this topic for some time. Some of the things you need to do at functions need to be fun things; chalenge your lodge membership to show up. I heard of a good example of this a while back ..... The Lodge chief would chalenge each chapter chief to bring 2 or 3 more members to the next lodge function, and If the chapter chief did, then the chapter chief could put a pie in the face of the lodge chief.... well, I don't know if you would really like that or not but the fun part of it was that the lodge chief could throw one in the chapter chiefs face if the Chapter chief did not bring any more members of his chapter to the function...or for that matter if he lost numbers at the next function. the lodge realy hld the chiefs to this, because they would do it in front of all of the members present. It was something that the boys enjoyed enough that they chalenged eachother to come to meetings just to see the Lodge Chief creamed.....

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