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Whats going to happen to NOAC in 2010?

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emb021 wrote: "Someone at OA National said basically there is no need for one, as we do the same sort of things at NOAC. Sorry, but as a member of AIA (American Indian Activities) staff both at Indian Summer and the past NOAC (when we incorporated a lot of the craft stuff we did at IS), I can say there is NO comparison"


And that is the truth: there is nothing on the National level like AIA at NOAC or like Indian Summer if we do not specifically schedule that type of activity. Beyond that, did you know that the most well attended (and, presumably popular) activities at NOAC are those in the AIA program? It would be a travesty to not have something like Indian Summer in conjunction with whatever Extravaganza we have in 2008. I cannot imagine going from 2006 to 2011 with no AIA activity on the national level!


Time to start discussing this with Lodge Advisors, Regional Chiefs, and at NOAC 2006.


In Brotherhood,



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An update on my comments about 2007/2008 after learning more from those 'in the know'.


2007- 2 OA things going on:

2 "mini-NOACs" (poor term, actually), one east, one west, to prepare Lodges for the 2008 Service Project. Calling them 'mini-NOACs' is probably poor, because these will NOT be open to all members of a lodge, but only to certain key members, due to its purpose.

There is apparently planning for some kind of 'OA Gathering' at the World Scout Jamboree. I have NO idea what this will be, who will be involved, etc.

[i am going to assume we'll learn more about both of these at the 2006 NOAC]


2008- The service projects will at National Forests in CA, UT, MO, WY and VA. [i think they said what NFs at the Jamboree, but I didn

t note them].



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With NOAC 2006 behind us, we now know better what is ahead of us, at least for the next few years:


2007- NC&LS @ Indiana U. Another National Leadership Summit, but also a training event for the crew leaders at Arrowcorps5. Obviously, this will be an event for only a small number in each lodge (key 3, plus whoever is involved as leadership for AC5). Be ware this conflicts time-wise with WJ07.

2008- Arrowcorps5. 5 National Forests, 5 weeks, 5 thousand arrowmen.

2009- NOAC @ Indiana U.

2010- National Jamboree. OA will probably again have Service Corps, TOAP, and a theme show event

2011- NOAC

2012- open year. who knows?

2013- NOAC

2014- National Jamboree

2015- NOAC 100th Anniversary of OA

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