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No OA rep = Not allowed to attend chapter meetings?

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The Chapter and Lodge advisers were copied on the letter that was mailed out along with this email which went to the entire district. Doesn't mean they actually read the notice, but they were notified.


I'm assuming the Chapter Chief is acting with best intentions, but just lacking experience or a good sounding board.


At the moment I'm slightly peeved because this all-important meeting was cancelled 3 hours before it started and I didn't have a chance to check my email until now. I'll have to get over that part myself, though.



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Not that far away; next town over in a metro area when towns overlap. About 20 minutes driving, and another 15 minutes trying to figure out if people were late.


We'll see how it goes next week, then.

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Horse feathers!


First of all dues paid members can participate in activities, regardless of chapter, or lodge activities. Of course your scouts can participate in OA activities at camp, as dues paid members of the lodge (although typically the dues paid part is not required for summer camp OA activities).


Second of all, participation in Chapter meetings can be restricted to officers and OA Reps. Easy answer, register one.


Third, contact your Chapter Advisor. If the Chapter Advisor sticks to his guns go to the Lodge Advisor and/or DE.



This is not policy, and noting National will endorse, and it would take National endorsement


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