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How to rebuild a chapter?

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I'll ditto what Eagle92 said. I know that there are parts of the country where LDS makes up the majority in Scouting. Here in Oklahoma, that isn't the case. Last year, my district had 25 troops on the books. Only 3 of those 25 were LDS units and they were small from what I hear. I say "from what I hear" because the LDS troops do not participate in any district or council events and don't attend roundtable. When I send them emails about Oder of the Arrow, they never respond. Now to be fair, I have non-LDS troops that don't participate in council or district events, attend roundtable or respond to emails either. We just keep plugging away in the hopes that one day we might get a nibble. Regardless of how many times you tell some troop leaders, they just are not convinced that the OA isn't going to steal their boys from them.

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What do you think the minimum number of youth are needed to have a Chapter and make it successful? 10? 25? 200?


At some point it's not practical to have chapters or the each ditrict has a chapter mentality. Are we really giving a youth a chance to experience leadership and growth if we don't have enough Scouts and advisers to make the process work?

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