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Lodge Year?

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Last year the Lodge changed the Lodge Year.

It now follows the National Year, this makes tracking and registering members a lot easier.

It also means that the new Officers are elected at the OA weekend in October and can be trained (NLS is offered in November) so come January these guys are ready to do their job.

I wasn't part of the decision, but it seemed to make sense to me.

However, at the Conclave last weekend our Lodge Chief was elected Section Chief.

This should mean that the Vice Chief Program moves into the vacant spot.

What should be done to fill the vacant spot?

The Vice Chief Admin is happy where he is at and doing what he is doing and really doesn't want to move up into the Vice Chief Program spot.

Vice Chief Admin. Is my kid!!


We have looked over the rules of the Lodge and so far can't find anything.

As the Vice Chief Admin. is also the Lodge Parliamentarian, people are looking to him for an answer.

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I know a section chief cannot be lodge chief, but does this also restrict him from holding any other position of responsibility in the lodge? It might be possible to have the lodge chief [now section chief] to fill the position of vice chief of program. However, I am not certain that this is entirely legal...


I would suggest having the new lodge chief appoint a vice chief of program, most likely selecting a worthy individual from the lodge executive committee. If the vice chief admin. does not want to fill the void, isn't there another person, such as a lodge committee chair, who could be the replacement? How about the former vice chief of program? Have the new lodge chief examine all his resources thoroughly and he shall have little difficulty picking a vice chief of program.

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