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OA and Exploring (back in the old days)

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In my eternal quest for old (and evil but I won't mention that) Boy Scout literature, I acquired a 1965 OA Handbook.


I found it interesting, especially in light of the recent discussion of Venturers in OA (over in "Uniforms").


Way back then, Explorers could be elected to OA. This wasn't just a confusing reference to Explorers in a Troop because it talks about Posts and Ships. The camping requirements were almost the same for Scouts and Explorers (long term camping was defined differently) but there was no advancement requirement for Explorers.


Something else was interesting. The book makes several references to "male" members of the Post but girls weren't allowed into Exploring until 1971. (Under "Who may vote" it says, "Explorer Units -- Every active male male member of the unit under age 21 . . .").


Does any one know when Explorer Posts stopped having OA elections or did continue until the creation of Venturing?


BTW, I also snagged a Red Cross first aid handbook from the 50's. Amazingly, it describes when and how to use a tourniquet the same way that it is described today with the same warnings. The two biggest differences that I could find are that blood borne diseases aren't mentioned and CPR isn't there either. Interesting, no?



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That is interesting information about the OA and exploring. I really should read the OA history some time. That would probably shead light on some of these old questions. I do wonder if the Exploring program of old was similar enough to current Venturing for any real comparisons to be made. It seems from what I have ever heard Exploring was a Scouting program for older youth. It had the same rank advancement options as Boy Scout Troops and a few extra awards. I do wonder if Exploring at that time carried out a program similar enough to the Troops that it would include such things as summer camp participation. If so I think that would explain why Exporers could be elected into OA. Though the reasons for rank requirements being dropped is far from clear to me.


It seems be looking to the past we may find some answers to current questions.


This is all purely personal speculation, but it is certainly interesting.

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Visit www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Falls/8826/overview.html for a very informative site about the history of Exploring/Venturing.


As for no rank requirements for Explorers to join OA, how can you have rank requirements for members of a program that has no advancement?

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I was an Exploring Post Committee Chairman from 1971-1973 and your facts are correct. We did have OA elections with only male members eligible for election.


The reason for the advancement non-requirement is that,as I remember matters, there was only one advancement alternative at that time for Explorers -- Eagle Scout for male members. There was no advancement to First Class as an Explorer.


I believe that also there was very serious consideration of youth female members of the OA at the 1973 National Conclave, where it got about 30% positive vote. I don't believe that the proposal has ever gotten that close subsequently.

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