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OA / MoS / High Adventure unit being formed Down Under

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At the jamboree in just over a weeks time I intend to run a forum for Scouts in my region. The topic will be the pro's and con's of forming a special organisation catering for Scouts 12-16 who need more challenges than younger Scouts. (trying to deal with drop out rates etc)


I intend an OA/MOS/high adventure patrol / troop. The Scouts seem to want adventure and I want to tie in survival training / aboriginal culture as well. I am having some success using aboriginal icons etc in ceremonies.


I am looking for advice about structure, meeting schedules, ratio leader:scouts, activities that prove popular in the US etc.


We are from a rural and coastal area. The region intended is some 90 minutes driving time top to bottom. About 8 Troops might be involved and I suspect Patrols might be formed from neighbouring Troops throughout the region with combined meetings less often.


I can and will again access OA and MoS sites. I do not need links to them but am keen to look at specific units.


I have spoken to a few of you already about this and have kept our discussions on disk. Thanks again for your interest.

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How was your presentation last month with the Honor Camper Society your trying to form down under at your jamboree?


I hoped you received my PM to your email address. I wasn't sure if you got it in time.


Once were done with our final paperwork, I'll send it to you via attachment.


Let us know how it works out.



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I never noticed this post the first time around. If you are still looking for information I will be glad to provide what I can. I am quite familiar with structure and operations of the OA at the local level, having been a Lodge Chief recently.


Feel free contact me by private message if you wish.(This message has been edited by Proud Eagle)

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Hi guys,


jamboree had some real problems that detracted from things a bit so I did not boot the idea off formally. Got lots of interest from leaders though so I will pursue the plan from our home base in this new Scouting year.


Specifically I have a number of older Scouts without leadership positions available so I will start with my Troop and will then invite other older Scouts along. Jamboree reunion will also show the drop out rate and will collect the keenest older Scouts. (we get lots drop out after Jam - only one of mine but it is normal in other Troops).


I don't think we will use OA tyle elections. Rather there will be a minimum requirment and probably recommendation by the PLC. After that I am not sure. Depends on whether I can get interested Venturers to provide that leadership at Scout level rather than being adult driven. Part of my problem is that the oldest Scouts are 14 and after 15th birthday they must leave the Troop and head for Venturers. Chops the head off a bit. I will need to gather suppport from across sections of the District.


I'm watching the other thread avidly.

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