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While I can respect the idea that the Crew sets the standard for uniform.

I'm not so sure that for a female crew member it is impossible to be a member of the lodge.

If this Lss was a member of the District Committee at age 18 or 19, she could be elected in.

Yes I know that I'm splitting hairs.

To date I have not seen a female Crew Advisor wearing the green shirt. I have seen a lot of male Advisors wear the greem shirt along with all the OA insignia. My thinking is that if he can, so can she.

As for the Lads wearing stuff that the Lassies can't. There is no way a girl can wear all the stuff that the boys are allowed to wear. I'm thinking of the Arrow Of Light and the Eagle.

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OGE, does that mean that an active Scouter between the ages of 18 to 21, is not eligable to become an ordeal candidate?


If a troop elects a youth to the OA, they may also nominate an adult. I never thought of this before. Would the Scouters 18-21 be on the youth election roster, or nominated by the troop? In the troop they are adults, but in the OA they become youth ( or remain youths until 21)

I don't know?

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From the OA Website:


What is the cutoff age for youths and adults in OA Activities?


A: For Order of the Arrow participation (events, elections, etc.), a youth is anyone under age 21. Adults are those 21 or older. This holds true for everything except housing status at events, where adults are defined as 18 and older (see more below).


Note that this does NOT change the BSA youth protection policies, which define Boy Scout youth as those under 18, and adults as those 18 or older. These policies still apply to all OA activities.


So individuals at OA activities really fit into one of three categories:


Those under 18, who are youth for both OA events and BSA policies

Those 18 to 20, who are youth for OA events, but are adults for BSA policies

Those 21 and older, who are adults for both OA events and BSA policies


Got that?

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We have in a lodge a few women members that wear the Venturing uniform with the lodge flap. Most are associated with the Crew chartered to the council camping committee. Most are former or present camp staffers. They were elected to the Order after they reached twenty-one by lodge or council nomination. A few of them are Vigil now.

Also we have young ladies (under 21) at all of our fellowship and at section conclave. Again camp staffers mostly. If not for our older female OA member our button blankets would never get finished. Our dinning hall looks like a sewing room while the candidates are out working, but again we have women that would rather be working on the trains and other camp service.


I have another question about uniforming for Venturing. If the Crew picks an uniform not the official one can they wear official patches and awards on them.

Another thing is that I believe I heard that Ventures are not to use the Boy Scout khaki.


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