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Disturbing series of events

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Beavah,"If a domestic terrorist group headquartered in Omaha claims credit, do we carpet bomb Omaha?"


Yes, "Support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic." (the oath of our armed forces, the president and congress)


We don't need to carpet boom we have procession guided missiles and bombs that will take out any location with just GPS coordinates.


Beavah, "If not, why not? Even if they weren't part of da terrorist group, surely some of da citizens of Omaha were somewhat sympathetic to the anti-government cause."


There maybe some civilian casualties but for the most part they minimal with the weaponry we have today.


Beavah, "Funny how the Lord of Hosts agreed He would not destroy Sodom if even 5 just men could be found there, yet we would destroy a city if only 5 unjust men are hiding there."


No one said wipe out a city. Just not ask permission to go in and take action. We do have to me ready to accept some innocent casualties.


Beavah, "Makes yeh stop and think, doesn't it? Perhaps, just maybe, we should behave a bit more like He who is the only real Superpower, eh?"


Yea Ok I'll agree with you here. However terrorists are evil, I believe they are of the devil and we need to fight against evil. I don't think the Lord of Hosts expects us to just sit around and have our freedoms that he gave us taken away by evil people.

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Yah, hmmm...


So just how precision do yeh reckon those precision-guided bombs are, eh? We've been hittin' a lot of wedding parties and farmer's kids overseas.


How many weddings in Nebraska are you willing to accidentally drop cluster munitions on? How many Christian Churches are yeh willing to hit with a bunker buster because da successors to Tim McVeigh might be meeting there? How many folks out just tryin' to clear a field with some gunpowder or dynamite are you willing to accidentally gun down with helicopter gunships?


I don't know about you, but if your government started doin' that to Nebraskans I reckon I'd grab my guns and ammunition and be headin' south to fight on their behalf.


There are all kinds of evil, eh? It all must be opposed. But da most important evil to oppose is the work of the devil that creeps into our own heart, and makes us willing to accept harm to the innocent because we imagine ourselves doin' God's will.


That is apostasy of the most heinous sort.




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