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Happy Birthday America

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The 4th of July is a celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independance, which is widely considered to be the birth of our nation. We should take time to remember and to pass on to our youth, that the birth was not easy. The "radicals" of the day, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Hancock, Adams, Washington and many others, proposed the starting of a new nation, independant of England and Europe. It was a long struggle to get to 1789, when our present form of government was created. Of course it has changed in over time, to be, in theory, more representative of the people. We have fought wars, among ourselves and we have managed to come back to the basic of remembering we are all Americans.


We should also remember, that this "freedom" was paid by our forefathers, in blood, sweat and tears. Some died, some were wounded, some stayed and built a home, a farm, a ranch, a factory, etc. and some never came home. These were all Americans, White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, recent immigrants, believers in God, Aethists, gays and straights. We may not have trusted them to do certain jobs, but we didn't ask them to not pay because they were different than us. We continue to pay today.


We need to remember that the youth today will be our leaders tomorrow. You can be scared or you can accept the challenge of helping the youth learn to lead. In Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts, we attempt to show them, teach them and allow them to learn to lead. Being the leader does not make you right, but the one that makes a decision based upon all the facts available to you at that time. It is easy to lead the past with 20/20 hindsight.


Amongst the celebrations coming this weekend and on the 4th, take a moment to thank the past and to praise the future.

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