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Oil's Well that Ends Well

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Sorry ASM1 - I like to be serious too but that WAS funny

But hey drive whatever you like...

Back on topic, anyone have a good reason for the price of gas to go up $.22 overnight? Maybe just because it seemed like a good idea to someone?

My humble understanding is that there's at least a 4 week delay between oil coming out of the well and gas from the pump. Does anyone else get the impression that ust maybe these price spikes are contrived and artificial? Or does it just go without saying and I've not caught up yet?


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I know the owner of a gas station and he's told me that his price can take a sudden jump when his cost suddenly goes up. Other times, he'll reduce his mark up to hold his price steady until things get extreme.


We also have some extreme gas taxes around here. Last I heard, I pay about 75 cents a gallon in state and local taxes. When the State House votes a gas tax increase, we get hammered immediately at the pumps.

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ASM1, I'm not sure exactly what you're protesting. But for full disclosure's sake: I drive a Chevy Blazer, and until recently I had a Chevy Tracker, which I regularly had in the mud, so I'm obviously not against the machines themselves. For ten years now I've been irritated by urban types buying SUVs to drive on city streets because they make them more expensive for people like me, who actually want them to drive off road and use them to do real work. For most people who buy SUVs, it's like buying a 24oz. framing hammer for their household hammering needs. That's their right, but that doesn't make it an intelligent choice. It's the wrong tool for the job!

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How many new oil refineries have been built in the US in recent (say 10) years. My guess is the number is zero or near that. This could be a factor in the price of fuel: limits on the supply side. Another item, I understand that when states such as CA and there are some others, mandate certain types of fuel additives it affects the refineries' production runs.

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