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Books of heroics and adventures

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While not a kid anymore enjoyment was found and is still found in reading Heilein, Adams, Asimov, Chandler,Laumer, Drake, Sturgeon, Clarke or just about any of the sci-fi authors.


Tolkein, Kipling, Dumas, Twain, Burroughs, Forester and Costain for rounding out the reading experience.


By Louie L'amour, the Sacket series of stories.


By Don Coldsmith, the Elk-dog series of books.


Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. A story about Thermopylae.


The Snow Warrior by Don Dandrea. A story about the Mongols in the time of Genghis Khan.


Many more of course but these hold a favorite spot for me.



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When I was a senior in high school, I read W.E.B. Griffin's "Brotherhood of War" series. The Lieutenants, The Captains, The Majors, The Colonels...... Just fantastic historical fiction. I read the lieutenants three times and then told my folks I wasn't going to college, I enlisted.


Butterworth's series was the best Leadership Academy out there. Everytime I finished one of his books, I'd go get a fresh flat-top the next day and have new lines to use on my squad.



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I loved reading Hermann Hesse, I could just see this little german man talking to me while I read his books, from Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, Journey to the East, Demian, Rosshalde, Magister Ludi (the Glass Bead Game) and Narcissus and Goldmund I found he spoke to me in a way few authors have


then again, reading Beowulf in middle english is a trip without luggage

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My son read a large number of Star Wars books--there are various series aimed at different age groups. They aren't high-quality literature, but they are adventure-oriented.

Although I have nostalgia for the Hardy Boys and the like, in reality they aren't high-quality literature either.

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