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I am back from weekend 1 as well. The course is very good. I have seen a lot of the material before in management training courses, but it is nice to see it presented with a Scouting flare.


They do pack your day though. I am pretty exhausted and have lots of homework.

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Don't worry, my Fire Chief and my IAFF brothers "Trust" me to call in when I have an important reason. With a 24hr on 24hr off schedule, the only way to get off for a weekend for anything is taking a sick day. To me Wood Badge is important, my counterpart on the other shift knows and is gonna work the spot.


Now if the Federal Government would lift the hiring freeze on DOD firefighters (create jobs remember.) We could hire for the 10 positions vacant.

THEN I WOULDN'T HAVE WORKED 144hrs THIS WEEK! 6 out of 7 days...come on!

...woosah.....wooosah....happy thoughts....


Yours In Cheerful Service,



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