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Wood Badge Tickets

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Moose tracker:


I'm a scoutmaster.


The way I've written them here is much simpler than the actual ticket (though I did have 100% training of ADMs and Troop Committee)and I misspoke on the youth training (It should have read TLT training).


Currently my ticket has been accepted as completed and I'm just awaiting my beading.



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-Organize Skills Sessions at Troop Meeting, Training up to 1st Class requirements.

-Hold TLT for Boy Leadership (This wasn't happening in the past)

-Promote OA in the Troop and encourage OA Elections.(Hadn't happened in 10 years.)

-Invite a local International Scout Troop to an Activities day or Camp out. (Although we are in Switzerland, never worked with other scouts)

-Plan and initiate during the scout year, patrol management of Patrol equipment.(adult Lead in the past)


One thing I can say and that is all of my goals are still in practice, and working.


I look back at them now, and find them a bit too easy, but my troop wasn't doing any of these things until I started it.And now th eScouts are running it.

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