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I wear my neckerchief, beads and woggle when I am training. Suppose it gives me "credibility"? I wear it for district dinners, council events, WB breakfast (when I go), etc.


At the troop, I wear it occasionally, but not regularly. I rotate the troop neckerchief, just beads, or a bolo.


At the pack I wear the Cub Scout leader neckerchief almost all the time.


At Roundtable, I'll wear it maybe once a year - otherwise a bolo or staff neckerchief.

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Before I earned my beads, I wore the Troop 1 neckerchief anytime I was in uniform. But as a district scouter, I did not have an everyday necker anyway.


Now, I always wear the beads, but I wear the WB necker and woggle only to WB events, such as dinners and beadings. I'd probably also wear it to CoHs and B&Gs.



If I was in a unit scouter, I'd wear the unit necker when representing my unit (including CoH). If my unit didn't have a necker, I'd wear the WB necker at "formal" unit occassions. The WB necker would come out for WB occassions, including beadings at a unit CoH.

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I see a couple things of interest. Wearing the leather woggle with the participant neckerchief is odd to me. Someone also mentioned a staff neckerchief. What's that? ScoutBox made mention of several former course directors on staff. Nobody else capable of staffing?


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