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I was looking through the 2008 Philmont Training Course and saw that one of the new trainings is the Philmont Leadership Course. The write-up for this course reads as follows:


Beyond Wood Badge! The Philmont Leadership Challenge brings Wood Badge skills to life in a majestic Philmont setting. Just as NAYLE hones and expands upon the skills taught to Scouts at NYLT, the Philmont Leadership Challenge takes adult leadership to an exciting new level through experiential learning. The Philmont Leadership Challenge simultaneously immerses you and your team in challenging scenarios that require the application of Wood Badge leadership skills for success.Learn to inspire, motivate and help others succeed. Prerequisite: Must have completed Wood Badge for the 21st Century and meet Philmont's Level A physical requirements.


The course is scheduled for September 21-27


I am just wondering if anyone knows anymore about this course. It sounds like a very interesting and knowledgable course. I just wish that they were doing it during a couple of different sessions.

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