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Just finished the first weekend.


WOW! All that information crammed into my head is still spinning around trying to find its home.


I'm in course C-44-06, sponsored by NorthernStar Council (St. Paul-Minneapolis).


I feel really fortunate. My patrol gelled quite quickly and we get along well together. Early on the first day, one of the members suggested that we just take things as they come and don't stress out about what we're supposed to be doing next. I think that helped us through the first weekend and let us have fun. While doing the Zulu Toss, our Troop guide commented that we were the only patrol laughing.


We have 33 members in the course and 21 staff. I am quite impressed with the staff. They are very committed to making the WoodBadge course interesting and fun while keeping it very educational as well.


I made a good decision when I decided to take the course. Now I just have to let my wife and sons know I appreciate them letting me attend the training.

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Hopefully your TG is as good as mine, and you'll have most of your ticket written before Weekend II.


Have fun with your patrol mates on the project!



A Good Old Owl Too


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Your TG gave you great information..if you can't relax and have fun in the course, you miss half the experience!! It only gets better...enjoy it..even if you were not lucky enough to be a Beaver!!!! ;)


Sue M

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Actually, it wasn't the TG who gave us the information - one of our patrol members suggested (while we were still a den), and the rest of us agreed with him.


We're getting together tomorrow to work on the patrol project and finish our planning for the second weekend.

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Well I can't really fault you for being a land animal. You have no say so in your birth, and the best Scoutmaster I ever knew was a Fox as well so it is a handicap you can overcome.


Tha being said. Congratulations on finishing your first weekend. I really appreciate your comment on letting your wife and son know how much you appreciate them letting you attend.


May I suggest ideas on how to do it.


1. Flowers (for your wife) - Not always the route to apology but it never fails for appreciation.

2. Apply the things you've learned to your family. It will make even an already good home better.

3. Send your wife. This may sound weird, but my wife trained as a troop committee member and had very little other Scouting or even camping experience. Then she heard me talk about my course (in generalities) and decided, of her own accord, to attend our council's spring course.


She came home from her first weekend (2 weeks ago) just soaring with enthusiasm. Now with 2 people aplying the priciples it makes things all the better.


I used to be an Owl and a good old Owl too.



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(Calling out to wherever you are hiding, and chuckling at your own wit.)


I will always be an Eagle, but I used to be an Owl.

She used to be an Eagle, but to my Eagle eyes, she'll always be a fox.


(Is that that a convoluted enough answer? It actually makes sense in my head.)

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2nd weekend down -


This has been an excellent course. I'm definately going to suggest that anyone who wants to attend do so. Again - I have to say that the staff was fantastic.


Now - to get working on the ticket. I'm planning to start today by researching a bit of the information I need to know to complete one of my items. My tickets help my current unit, which I could be leaving next February as my son crosses to Boy Scouts, so my goal is to have them finished by December of this year. If I'm successful, I think I'll have my beading done at the Wood Badge breakfast. My entire patrol is planning to attend the breakfast. We continued to get along very well the second weekend as well.


At one of the breaks on the last day, one of the patrol members proudly presented the rest of us with her list of "20 things I learned this weekend". These were camping related, but she was very excited to add these skills to her camping knowledge.


Fox - C-44-06

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Glad you had so much fun with Wood Badge! Keep one very important thing in mind, "Can't everyone be a Fox!" I do feel for the other critters!


BSA Chaplain, I loved what you had to say!!


Knotty Fox

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