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Webelos Participating in Scout Camporees and Klondikes

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As seems to be the case with most people in these forums, I am now confused. My son is a Webelo and our council is putting on a two-nighter family camp in a few weeks. There was a possibility that I was going to have to drive 80 miles back home on Saturday morning for a couple of hours of work, so I talked to our Cubmaster about the parental requirements for camping. (Don't worry, I'm arranging for my wife to come to camp while I'm away or get my brother to camp with us.) The Cubmaster told me that Webelos do not have to have a parent present like the cubs do, it is preferred but not required. They could attend with another family if a family was willing to be responsible. They can tent by themselves, with another Scout or another family, just not with a Scout Leader as it is against BSA policy. Here is my confusion....Cub Scouts can't camp without a parent or Guardian and Webelos are still Cub Scouts. What is the real skinny on when a boy can camp "alone".


This is not the only oddity I've noticed in the pack. Part of the requirements for the Webelo badge is to earn the Fitness badge and two other badges from different groups for a total of three. The boys have earned their Fitness, Athlete and are working on Sportsman. I didn't speak up at the Den meeting last night, but those are all in the Physical Skills group. The way I read the manual, they HAVE to earn Fitness, then two more with each of the two being from one of the four different groups. I worked with my son on earning his Handyman and plan on working on one from another group just so that WE are following the rules regardless of how the Pack interprets the rules. Am I right on my understanding?


Another thing that has me bothered is the council one-nighter we went on this past weekend and the work done towards advancements. At the end of the camp, we were given a sheet of paper at checkout time stating what requirements were met by the campers during the campout. The Council and Cubmasters and Den Leaders may be satisfied, but I'm not. For instance, the throwing method of water rescue for Aquanaut was considered met. The pool was closed because it is Oct. One of the Dad's said that the throwing in the bean bag toss covered it. Water Safety wasn't even on the program. Another was explaining why we should respect the country's flag and telling when and how to salute it. We had a flag retirement ceremony at the campfire and a flag ceremony in the morning where the boys saluted, but they never had to explain their reasons or actions to anyone. For the Naturalist badge, they have to learn to identify poisonous plants and venomous reptiles. These requirements evidently were met by pointing out poison ivy on a nature trail and a skit about scouts ignoring snake rules on a hike during the campfire. There were 300 campers at the campfire and you couldn't hear half of the skits. I have my qualms about the leniency that many people take with the requirements. I want my son to earn them the same way he has earned his grades in school or earned his position on sports teams.

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Kwc, I agree that the Webelos badge is the fitness and 2 from OTHER groups. The point is to have the boys exposed to various career & hobby possibilities.


Also, I think your pack is being very lenient on requirements. This hurts the boys more than help them. The boys know they haven't learned it. They don't have to be experts but they should learn something. If the requirement says "show" then each boy should "show".


Per the Guide to Safe Scouting:


Council-organized Family Camp

In most cases, the youth member will be under the supervision of a parent or guardian. In all cases, each youth participant is responsible to a specific adult.


Which sounds to me like if you can get a friend to take your child (regardless of age), then go for it. Some camps may require a written statement from you that the other person is your child's guardian for the weekend.

I don't have the Cub Scout Leader's book handy but I think what your Cubmaster said is correct. Your son cannot sleep in the tent with a non-related adult, you would want the boys to tent together.



Also from G2SS:

A Webelos Scout may participate in overnight den camping when supervised by his mother or father. It is essential that each Webelos Scout be under the supervision of an adult.


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