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To award or not to award

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We do if we have 3 committee members present to do it. Otherwise we do it at the next troop meeting and the boy gets recognized the evening of the BOR. He gets his badge the next meeting and he gets the pocket certificate card at the Court of Honor. See the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures manual pages 24 and 33.

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Our troop also has frequent BOR's on Campouts, especially at Summer Camp. The SM starts doing Conferences on Wednesday night, on Thursday we start BOR while the SM continues, Friday night are more BOR's and Saturday morning successful scouts are recognized.


"Hey Mom, Dad, I got the Basketry and Leather work meritbadge AND I made secdond class..."


On other campouts if the boy is ready (post SM conference) and three committee members are present, why not do a BOR?


Otherwise, if we held the BOR until our next meeting, the backlog would get huge.

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"See the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures manual pages 24 and 33. "


"Bob" must have every manual memorized.


When you train, you actually often can give chapter and verse. This is especially true for questions that are frequently asked at training. This is one that is always asked at both leader specific training and committee training. It can be a lot of fun to watch the eyes roll when you can do that...

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Bob has a scout room at home that has a lot of the current reference materials beacuse Bob gets about 16 e-mails and 10 phone calls a day from unit leaders looking for help. Bob gives them the reference names so that they will learn how to discover answers for themselves. I don't want them to scout "my way" I want them to scout "the BSA way".

It's a version of the old "give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish".

Bob is now done talking in the third person.

Bob hopes this explains the books and page numbers.


Bob(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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