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Very often cups and mugs are sold to help the budget.

When I was the course director, I looked at a lot of stuff and heard a lot of ideas.

As part of the course fee ($200.00) Each participant received. The Neckerchief, two T-shirts, course hat , coin and we paid for the beads, woggle and Gilwell necker. If they completed their ticket.

I decided not to go in for the other stuff as to my way of thinking the recognition for completing Wood Badge is the Wood Badge regalia.

We did sell photos and a disk with pictures taken during the course set to the music used at the end.

The course made money.


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No coin. Uniform regalia - necker, hat, nametag (plastic, insert name card). Brought white t's which then got a press-on logo for Class B - whoops, activity. Tied our own Turk's head as one of the first activities.


Bought a wonderfully designed ceramic cup as a memento - course logo, number on one side and patrol logo on the other. The Wood Badge necker, woggle, beads and framed certificate were part of the price of the course. Our TG gave me a great box with a bear on top to hold my beads and woggle.


One of my top life experiences,

Vicki C-12-04 Bears amble...

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"No coin."


Actually, AFAIK, the coin is called for in the syllabus.


Its just that in my council, instead of using the one from National Supply, they make their own course specific one.


Actually, with the increased popularity of 'challenge coins' amoung non-military types and geocoins, it should be fairly easy and inexpensive to have coins made.


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In our council the staff gets a mess hall cup. With the Log and Ax with there name on one side and the other side Wood Badge ICON (pentagon) the Cups are number for the staff. As for the scouts takening the course they bring there own.

always an OWL

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WEll as most have stated we gotstuff also.


a course pen

we did our own woggle

hat with awsome logo and 92-52 on side to which i added and EAGLE patch to it


golf style shirt with logo(class b)


and then up for sale was extra stuff

a fleece vest with logo

coat with fleece lineing w/ logo

porceline mug with axe and beads and name and course


dvd of pics.


i'm an EAGLE from SR722 92-52


here is a couple of links



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Just finished my WB course SR-764


All of the WB participants noticed the staffers with their cups hanging from their cup dongles the first weekend.


As far as the stuff goes:

Part of the course was

* Hat with the course number on the side

* Participants notebook (well Duuhhhh)

* T-shirt with the course logo

* Woggle (they gave us the cord and we made our own)

* Neckerchief

* Hat/Cup dongle

* Stave

* A carabiner with course number and theme engraved on it, after I had my ticket approved a WB coin


What did I buy?

* A Leather Belt (Pre-ordered

* A WB buckle for the belt (With our council on the buckle)

* Another t-shirt (Pre-ordered)

* Other memorabilia and


Drum Roll please...

* Maple Colored Coffee cup that we ordered at the end of the first weekend, my patrol had our Patrol Totem put on the cup, we could have had the course logo if we wanted also. We did have to buy them ourselves.



I'm an Antelope from SR-764



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