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Night hikes are great! Kids have a good time with them.


Obviously, flashlights or headlamps for everybody.


If you have time, prewalk the trail and add some markers (rope, stones,tree limbs) to keep everybody on the right trail.


I incoorperated a somewhat scary story, when I took my pack on a night hike at our last campout.


Our trail circled around a lake and I was able to use some of the natural environment to tell the story about 2 friends who grew up around this lake many years before it became a state park.

During a storm, the boys got seperated and left clues of where the other was at but they never found each other again. The big moral of the story was using the buddy system all the time.


Also had one of my den leaders walking around the outside of the trail, on the gravel road outside the lake, shaking trees, and making all sorts of racket to keep the boys on edge.


Our hike ended with us about 1/4 mile from the campsite, we hiked back on the gravel road to the campsite with our campfire going strong and smores waiting for the boys.


Even Webelos who think they have done it all, still want an adventure. Give 'em that adventure, and have fun.


Good Luck!

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