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Since you quoted me, I'll do my best to answer.


The 1st thing you have to know is that we have a mentoring system in place in our pack. Put together as a wood badge project by our awesome (now former) cubmaster. The way it works is, every new Tiger leader is assigned a seasoned leader from the bear and webelos ranks. This mentor will usually have one or two meetings with the new leader, give him hints, tips, ideas, etc, let him know about the necessary online training, and more likely than not plan with him and do with him the first couple of den meetings. (him or her)


We invite and strongly encourage to attend all the the new Tiger parents that signed up either in the Spring, during the summer, or most likely, during Bounce Back Night. We all get together, the CM and the CC give a spiel about scouting, and then we start asking for volunteers. Usually in the first round, one or two hands are raised. Then they go on about the mentoring program, I usually chime in about how much the boys love it when their parents are volunteers, and we get two or three more. At that point we say something like: "we right now have volunteers for X number of dens which means Y number of boys. We need Z more number of leaders in order to accommodate everyone" And by then we usually get all the leaders needed. And the dens are organized with the new leader receiving the roster either that night or within a couple of days.


After that we either assigned them the mentor or if they already know someone in the pack on our mentor list, they request it. And then the mentor follows up in the manner I said earlier.

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The mentoring of potential new Tiger leaders seems like a great idea. I'd like our pack to try that so our new Tiger DL doesn't feel lost or overwhelmed or abandoned. If you don't mind, I am also going to steal it and mention it at the August Roundtable meeting.


I also think BD has a point. Unless you already know the parents/adults in question, it is hard to ascertain in one night who would make a good leader. Of course the way things are, the best leader may be the one who will volunteer to do it.


Is the Tiger night held right away? Or do you take, say, a month to see who works well with the kids before you have it? If you take some time first to get the adults oriented and so you can get to know the adults as well, it could work out well. The problem is you need to have someone else willing to step in and help with the Tiger Den until Tiger night. All in all, it has potential. And is obviously working for you. Some more details would be helpful.

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The tiger dens have to be formed right away. That means they have to have a leader. I will admit that sometimes it doesn't work out. However, we do appoint two co-leaders to each den. So even if one that doesn't work out, you still have one (plus his/her mentor) and usually (although I will admit not always) another parent will get bitten by the scouting bug and step up.


It's not 100% foolproof. But like you said, sometimes the good leader is the one that volunteers. Sometimes they take some time to season.


Tiger night usually happens about 2 weeks after bounce back night (i.e. fall sign-up). The mentor is assigned (or requested) right away. Within one or two days. Like I said the mentor helps the new leader get trained, he/she usually helps plan the first couple of meetings, they go over the book, etc.


I have no problems if you want to bring it up at Roundtable, but the idea was not mine, it was our former scoutmaster's.

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Nonsense, because you have not given the parents time to even begin to understand cub scouting......They have no knowledge of the program.......



We have a ACM who is assigned to be our Tiger coach.......One of their roles is to find a suitable den leader, I will tell you from experience the first volunteer may not be your best choice.... I like to have the position filled by halloween with a den parent

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