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What would you have at a POW WOW

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I have to agree with ScoutNut. While your motives are good, people's resources are limited. I worked on our council's U of S committee one year - it was a TON of work. I would move heaven and earth to avoid duplication of that effort.


Talk with your DE and ask for help coordinating the schedules of all of these conflicting events. In my experience, that usually happens because various different groups/committees all have good motives and good plans, but lack effective communication between the groups. Your DE, or maybe your district chair, should be able to help you overcome that communication gap.

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Please excuse my tardiness here.


Google twin rivers council pow wow.

I personally think our council runs one heck of an event.

The Guy who runs it deserves all the credit in the world.


Cubs love soda bottle water rockets. The water shoots all over. the rocket flys farther than you can imagine and the cost is one empty 2 liter bottle and some cardboard fins. PM me and I will email the power piont for the class.


Another class I would like to see is a crystal radio class. It is a bear elective that I see fading into the lime light. It was in the first cub book in 1930. It is in the cub book now but I'd be willing to bet not 1000 cubs did it last year.

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