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Popcorn planning problem/question

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Our school year kicks off in September we get our show/sell popcorn October 10th this year and the popcorn sale pretty much goes through December. unlike other areas of the country, this is a very active time for our Pack as its not so bloody hot outside


December is when we will see our profits in the bank.


If popcorn is to pay for this year of scouting do you just hold over money from last year? Or how do you handle that?


In the past we have done okay with popcorn but I never want to go spending money that we hope to have in a few months (maybe its the Thrifty part of me ) I have always tried to carry over a little seed money to cover costs for the next year but wanted everyone elses opinions


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We just put together a budget for our pack recently (for the first time, I think) and we have included a roll-over of around $500. This is to cover those activities until we see the profit from the popcorn fundraiser. We don't do anything too big in the fall. We have a pack picnic and then figued we'd need some money for program and advancement materials.

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The money you get from fundraising covers expences for 1 year. If you don't get your popcorn profit until December, then it must cover Pack expences from Dec-Nov.


If sales are down, & you don't make enough to cover, or you spend to much along the way, then you either cut out some activities, or charge for them. Or you do an extra money earning activity.


We always try to meet the council FOS requirements to get free rank badges. It helps stretch the money.


We always have enough to pay for everything we want to. Once Booth Sales (Show & Sell) $ start coming in we can use the Pack's portion for monthly awards so we usually run our funds from Oct-Sept.



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