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Seven year olds in the Wolf Den?

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In fact a few years ago we had a 5-year-old first grader join the pack as a Tiger with a birthday sometime after the first of the year. He had moved here from another school district with a whole different set of rules. Six weeks into the year, the new school and his parents felt it would be better if he were to repeat kindergarten and moved him back. At that point he met neither the age or grade requirement and he had to drop out. Unfortunately, his mom was the den leader and also dropped leaving us in a bind with that den.

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I WAS a 6-year old, 2nd grade, Cub Scout, although briefly. My birthday is in October, and, technically, I had missed the cut-off age for public schools. So, for whatever reason they had, I was never sure, and now they have passed away, but I never gave it much thought before, my parents had me in a private pre-school and Kindergarten. The private school was not bound by the public school rules and being a large boy, it seemed appropriate to them to start me in pre-school at age 3. When at 5 (not to turn 6 for another two months)and having completed Kindergarten already, my parents enrolled me in the public school system, I was started in Kindergarten, as the rules required. However, after observing me for two weeks, the principal made an executive decision and moved me up to 1st grade, at age 5 still!


Back then Cubs started in 2nd grade, and you earned your Wolf rank that year. So I was 6 when I started Cubs. I would imagine this situation could still happen. It is a mixed blessing. Some would say I got a head start on life. On the other hand, always being the youngest in your grade can be extremely difficult at times.

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I had a similar situation with my son. (now a Bear and not quite 8)


He was skipped over 1st grade and missed the chance to be a Tiger as the Pack runs by grade, not age.


He is doing fine with both school and scouting. It all comes down to the individual boys.

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