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Cub Scout Day Camp- could use ideas for "Cubs at Sea"

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I'm the Program Coordinator for our district day camp and the theme this year is "Cubs at Sea." I"m getting a late start on it but wondered if anyone had done this theme before and would like to share some of the things they did for their camp. OR if you have ideas you think should be at camp. I would dearly love to hear fform you!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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We did Sea Adventure for our day camp last year. We made memory stones with a sea theme (shells, fish gravel, etc.), made wood lighthouses, had a "treasure hunt" that involved scout skills, etc. Our den "flags" were actually fish windsocks. Each den had a color from the fish that was their nametag and we had neckeerchiefs in that color. It made it really easy to identiry what den a kid was supposed to be in. The kids had a blast. I will private e-mail you some of my stuff when I get a chance.


Have fun with it. Our theme this year is safari.

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How about looking at some of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas.HMS Pinafore or The Pirates Of Penzance. Lots of neat ideas and some great music.

You could look at some famous ships or sea captains name each den/crew after the ship.Most of the one's I know are of course Brits. But there are some outstanding American sea captains that even gave us a run for our money.

Now I find myself with the darn tunes stuck in my head.


You can order the music on line from Wal-Mart.

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I picked up an old copy of Sea Exploring just because it had great program possibilities. You can do names or initials in International Flag Code, call up your local Coast Guard folk or water patrol to do boating safety - we did this at a youth fishing day, with a plastic tarp outline of a boat, and learning port, starboard, fore, aft...also everybody tried on lifejackets before getting into the "boat".

There's great music for a sea-going theme, sailor's chanties, hornpipes, and think of the knotwork -

Square knot work is very easy to learn - it's a basic form of macrame. Many many crafts like macrame were carried out at sea during long voyages (including embroidery, knitting, nalbinding and crochet).

It might help to focus in on an era? There's pirates, privateers, merchant marines, explorers, immigrants, vikings...

If you need more inspiration, pick up a couple books by Robert Lewis Stevenson: both Kidnapped! and Shipwrecked! have great descriptions of life aboard sailing vessels.

S'all I can think of off the top of my head...


Anne in Mpls

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