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Cub Red Indian Weekend

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I am looking for ideas for a Cub Weekend. We are planning a theme of Red Indians.

Can anyone tell me how to do smoke signals or write Indian messages?

We are in Scotland and are expecting around 60 cubs to be staying indoors for the weekend.

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I am truly sorry if that title causes offence your side of the Atlantic, but it wouldnt in Scotland. If I used terms like native people here it would mean Scotsman running about in kilts. (We did that 2 years ago with the Cubs wearing kilts borrowed from the smaller Scouts and running a mini Highland games with Caber tossing etc.)

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The name bothered me, and I am about as un-PC as you can get! :)


I would guess the name meant to differentiate between those from India and those from the Americas. I don't know that it will matter as much if you are doing it in Scotland, but I would (personally) try to fit something descriptive without the connotations.



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