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Anyone going to Woodruff SR this summer 2012?

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Met a lot of scouters from GA, FL, AL, and MS. Saw some Webelos III troops, throw-back troops, and saw all sorts of variations. Adults all got along and Patrols started pulling together by 2nd day. No major homesickness. Did one big activity with each son. Walked a good 50 miles just around camp. Newbies did great. Troop won a lot of awards this year for first time. Had one injured boy left behind in camp with 2 adults INSIST we show up for flags in full uniform, etc--his elders just wanted a nap. Weather was a little warmer than I would like but no rain.


Did the canoe over-nighter with most of a Patrol. Saw a lot of shooting stars and a satellite. Saw Lightning bugs (not fireflies) for first time. Pretty cool. Of course I was the one person who flipped in the lake. Learned some of the 5th graders got some mouths on them.


Got some good ideas from other Scouters.


A few problems emerged. Had a rash of runs to the hospital--none serious. Walking wounded only. Troop is making progress but we are moving on to "next level" problems--better Patrols, Boy Leadership doing jobs better, etc. We came home with a lot more partials than a lot of parents would prefer. Waiting for push back on that. But all good problems. Am exhausted.

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We got back from Woodruff today (Week #7, Campsite #2). We had a great week! It only rained at night, starting after 10:00 PM and ending before 6:00 AM, which was nice. We took 46 Scouts to camp - 6 Patrols, plus the adult Old Fogey Patrol. Cooked in camp, the boys are really starting to expand their menues. Thorns & Roses on Tuesday night revealed very little home sickness, good meals, and good staff. Two of our new Scouts were brutally honest that they spend all their time indoors, and they were having a little difficulty adjusting to the outdoors, but were loving camp. This was the 6th year at Summer Camp for our oldest Scouts - having them around makes camp much, much easier!


There were many more OOC Troops than there were in-council - from FL, MS, LA, AL, NC, TN. 11 new Scouts attended the Mountain Man program, which was run by a fellow CPR Instructor from a neighboring Troop. We won the camp-wide game (Grits Relay) for the second time in 2 years (Banana Relay last year). I must admit eating the raw grits was much better than the nasty banana. :-) Overall, a very fun and rewarding week at camp! We put down the deposit for next year, so we'll be back!

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