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Youth Compound Bow Recommendations

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Can't take another year of our current compound bows, so when I tell our purchasing guru we desperately need new equipment, I need a few recommendations. What are you using at your camps?

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We use the Genesis compound bow. They are alright, and have stood up to three years of shooting very well. They are easy to adjust the weight, and are pretty durable. Look at replacing the strings and cables every few years as well, which can be rather expensive.

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I second the recommendation for the Genesis product. We have converted most of our camps to these, and they are outstanding. They are designed with no set draw length, so can be used by a wide range of archers. There are both right and left hand draw models.


At the camp I frequent most often, all the right hand bows are red and the left hand ones are blue. Makes it easy on the variety of people who run the ranges at events.




If you serve Cub Scouts or have one camp that has a Cub program, you might want to consider a mix of the regular Genesis and and Mini Genesis. The Mini Genesis weigh just 2 pounds, and are good for Tigers and small Wolves and Bears.


There is special pricing available for non-profits.

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