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Phone Cards at Camp

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Wow, We seem to have kind of lost the Thread on this one.

As I look around my District and Council, one thing that strikes me is the diversity of our adults. While most of them seem to be white, blue collar types. The real diversity is apparent when you/ I visit a troop meeting.

Some as soon as you walk in, make you want to get the video camera out of the car and start making a Training Video. The meeting is planned the boys are running the show - Kind of a Boy Scout Utopia.

Others, it seems spend every meeting making plans that will never reach any further then the hall that they are in. A lot fall someplace in the middle.

But the boys keep coming back, week after week. I can't pretend to know why.

It is easy for me, to knock these leaders, and make little of what they do. But I'm not the one who gives up every whatever day of the week it is to spend time with these Lads, I may put a lot of time into Scouting, but if there is a meeting that I can't attend, most of the time it's no big deal, and everyone knows that the meeting will be over a little earlier.

I may disagree with Ed, but deep down I feel sure that the kids in Pittsburgh are better off with him there then they would be without him. He is doing his best. And Troop 1, sounds like a really good troop.

jbroganjr, really does have the good of the Scouts first and foremost in his heart,and from reading his postings on different topics, may at times come across as a little brash.

Bob White, does know his stuff and as I have said before, I would love to have him on my district committee.

Would I follow all that he says ? Probably not, well not all the time.

I do however think that what we all bring to this great organization, by far outweighs any differences that we may have.

Yes even if the old shorts get a little chapped.

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So, back to the topic. I'll offer my neck to be chopped. I've attended summer camp for many years. Most camps had no phone(s) available for Scouts or Scouters to make phone calls, period (non emergency). Troops made sure programs were "busy" and that Scouts were not thinking of home, but of Scouting adventure. Over the years I've noticed camps making a phone or two available to Scouts and Scouters, but common sense prevails where the Troop leaders made these available only in dire need, yes to be determined by the leader. Experience tells us that if a Scout calls home, it usually increases home sickness, not decrease. Thus, our Troop has kept phones off limits.

Now with the availability of cell phones, we still don't allow there use unless necessary. Adults only, and out of sight and sound of Scouts. No Scouts can bring cell phones, period. It does nothing but cause problems and creates an atmosphere of favortism. There is simply no way their use can be fairly monitored. It's kind of like that old adage of, "if you bring candy, you must bring enough for everyone in the Troop." No cell phones, no phone cards, no use of camp phones. That's discussed up front. Letters to and from camp, are okay and encouraged.

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We have never had a rule on cell phones or phone cards in any troop I have been associated with. we hve never even discussed it. If a scout has ever brought one it was never used as far as I know and never interferred with the program.


I think the key is to focus on the quality and amount of activity and there would be no need for the scout to ever use them or to create a rule to control them. But I realize that in some communities the culture may be different.


As far as summer camp, our camp has a pay phone and their rule is an adult from your unit must be present when you use it.


(sorry about the time...pizza I had for supper is talking back to me.)


Bob White

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