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How to convince parents about summer camp....

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The summer camp we attend has a new leader orientation in May for all new leaders & parents who have never beem to summer camp. I always encourage the new parents to attend & take the tour. This gives them an idea about the accomadations their son will have for the week.


Ed Mori


Troop 1

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I did not realize there was so much variation in the cost of Scout summer camps. The $400 for a week of beach camp in Southern California seems out of line, it must be a very good program. But $125 is a major bargain. Our council's camp charges $225 for the week, $200 if the troop registers before April 30 which I assume most do. Last summer I paid $175 for a week of Cub Scout DAY camp, and that's with NO meals included, though bus transportation is provided.


I think Scout camp is a bargain compared with most other activities. And the boys aren't really getting the full program, at least at the Boy Scout level, without it.

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Here in Georgia the Boy Scout camps range from $130 to $180. The top end being a council that charges extra for out of council units.

Cub Scout Day Camp in our District is about $70, I think $100 if you register late.


The YMCA is offering "day camp" or daycare are the rate of $190 for 2 weeks. Most daycares charge $100 a week during the summer for school aged children.


4-H camp is $190 for Monday - Friday (4 nights) summer camp.


I've known of people who have sent their young elementary school children to private camps for weeks at a time, out of state. I have no idea what they paid for that. But if 2nd grader can handle weeks away from mom, I think our 11 year old Boy Scouts can handle 1 week away with his friends at summer camp.


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Our council has a $160 camp program. However, if boys have participated in troop fundraisers, the troop will subsidize $50 of the fee. So most boys end up paying $110. Additionally, the troop subsidizes a one-time $50 payment towards high adventure programs. Many of our boys are spending it during their trip to Philmont this summer.


If anyone is still looking for a camp (maybe ones they never knew existed), check out www.bsacamps.org.

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Well, I thought I had them convinced - 6 weeks ago I had 8 on the summer camp roster. But due (I think) to the fact that because of a million things happening in June to both me and the Scoutmaster so we did not have regular meetings to get a "countdown to camp" prepared, and also due to the fundraising not going so well (see "assault by scout") - six of them have now cancelled and I will be going with my son and one other Scout (new, not yet Tenderfoot). I'm tickled that the other scout is enthusiastic, mature, and well-behaved so we're anticipating a very pleasant time. My husband is also going, his first summer camp since adulthood. I'm disappointed that we won't have even a whole "patrol" but the boys are going to make a special Camp Patrol flag to take (as luck would have it, one is in our Rattlesnake patrol and the other is a Cobra, neither will accept the other's patrol flag so they are going to make a T302 "Snakes" flag with both logos. I confess to steering the negotiation but I'm not sure they noticed.)


I'm taking Bob White's advice and plan to take tons of photos. We have a COH scheduled for just after camp anyway so that will be a great time for our campers to get their merit badges and hopefully create some excitement for the next year's camp.


Thanks for all y'alls advice.



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