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The L.L. Bean catalog ended up in our "Reading Room".

I think it's a hint from HWMBO that I didn't buy her the boots that she wanted for Christmas.

Has a picture of a nice looking dog on the cover. But I might be biased!

Flipping through the pages I seen some snow shoes.

I know nothing about snow shoes, never used them or even picked up a pair.

Has any one ever used them?

The ones in the catalog are not expensive, about $100.00. Is this a good price or are they junk?

Any comments or help would be much appreciated.

I now have about eight inches of that horrible white stuff in my yard.


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Snowshoes are fun! You get a lot of good exercise using them.


I've had a pair since I was in college, so mine are the old school kind - wooden. I've never used a pair of the newer lighter weight ones.


There are a variety of types of snowshoes and the Bean web site divides them into "recreational", "day hiking" and "backcountry" categories. I imagine the price goes up as the intensity of the activity increases. There is a nice synopsis there of what the difference is and how to choose.


I've never been disappointed with anything I've purchased from Bean's, and $100 is a reasonable price for the day hiking type of shoe. You can get cheaper ones, but as with any outdoor gear, you get what you pay for.


The great thing about the new styles is the crampons on the bottom - these make ascending and descending slopes much easier. Traditional snowshoes don't have them and you have to adopt a variety of strategies to avoid ending up on your kiester.


Using poles makes the experience more pleasant as well, as they help provide stability - again something we didn't have in the "old days", but which I would strongly suggest.


Do any of your local camps have snowshoes? Ours stock them as regular equipment for check out at a modest fee. Local parks rent them as well. A short term try out is one way to see if you enjoy the activity without the up front investment.

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Couple of Doc's from the hospital where HWMBO works came over with cross country skis.

I never mastered anything on the slopes, which are not that far from where I live (Seven Springs and Hidden Valley.) But, being as these guys were on my doorstep and I couldn't bribe them with an Irish Coffee, I donned the skis.

Right now I hurt in places that I never knew I had - Places that even the Irish coffee minus the coffee isn't reaching.

This growing old is a real pain!

I'm going to order the snow shoes- They can't make me hurt any more than I do now!


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infoscouter has some good suggestions. I'm an "old schooler" as I simply borrow my father's 1940's era pair of hand-made, Maine Made wooden snowshoes when I need to go out. I should just break down and buy myself a pair.


Are there any outdoor stores in your area? You mentioned you're near some ski slopes. Most downhill ski areas also have cross country ski and snowshoe trails and they will rent you equipment as Info mentioned. This would be a great way to try snowshoes out before you buy.


Personally, I've never used the newer style. Both styles of snowshoes have advantages/disadvantages...much like different styles of tents.


I hope you find something you like.

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It's been forever, and the memories aren't good!

Longer narrower snowshoes are good for going down the trail They don't turn as easily as the wider rounder types that are good for padding around the motorpool.

If you weren't bow-legged before, you will be after.

The smallish shoes of synthetic materials look like they'd be good for getting the mail, but would be inadequate in the back country with a pack. You need enough shoe area to keep you from breaking through the top crust.

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