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I have seen a mjority of scouts and scouters indulge in both types of knifes/ multi-tools. I was wondering if anyone has a defintie preference. I myslef have a gerber and find it a lot more convient overall than a leatherman for the fact that you do not hae to open the tool in order to access the blade or any other functions

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I tend to lean toward Leatherman multitools - my personal favorites are the LM Charge Ti and the Wave, though I have more than several Gerber knives. I have also heard good things about the Victorinox SwissTool and SOG multitools.


Some of the current Leatherman models are designed such that the main blades can be opened directly, without opening the pliars.


On my "must have" list of multitool features:


Locking Main Blades




Can Opener

Lanyard/Cord Atttachment

Screwdriver - becoming more complicated as the variety of screw heads out there increases

Saw blade


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The one you have with you when you need it is the best.


I've owned Leathermans, Gerbers, Victronix, Coleman, Shrade, and others. For a while, this was an active collection.


I lean towards the Schrade ToughTool as a decent overall tool. Not as nice in some ways as the Gerber, but easier on the pocketbook and indeed tough.


My current tool is a Leatherman Juice S2. What I like best about it is the small size, complete tool selection for my needs (SCISSORS!) and the non-pinch design. 2 tools open when the handle is closed, so fits that need as well. Finally, it is a reasonably priced tool.

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Yeah, I also have a Buck Tool. While the handle folding mechanism was interesting, but it simply doesn't work well. It appears Buck & its customers recognized that since the Buck Tool hasn't been in production for quite a few years.


I think you'd like the "new" Leatherman Wave. You can tell the difference between the old and new versions by the removable driver bits. The old version didn't have them.

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Buck knives are located in Postfalls Idaho. They celebrated the grand opening of their new factory in May 2005 with the help of localCub Scouts serving refreshments. They are a small company and do most of their business by custom orders. I personnally like the Leatherman Wave though.

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There may have been some misunderstanding.


I was speaking of the BuckTool, which was Buck's equivalent of the Leatherman multitool. This particular model made by Buck Knives is no longer in production. Info on it is available at http://www.finest1.com/bucktool/ . Equipped.com did a review of it at www.equipped.com/bucktool.htm .


Buck Knives, the company, as you say, is very much alive and well and living in Post Falls, ID. They defintely make some GREAT knives. I especially like the Summit, though I don't have one. I wish it had some form of scissors on it. One of my favorite folders is my Buck 500, which is a drop-point bladed folder slightly shorter than the legendary Folding Hunter.


Ironically, Leatherman is about to come out with a new line of knives that look VERY much like the Summit. Info is at http://www.equipped.com/lm_knives.htm (they are having some server problems during the few weeks, so be patient).

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